Technology Test: Do You Have the Latest Tools?

Technology. It's advancing at such a fast rate it's difficult to keep up sometimes. Some say it's a bad thing, but for most professionals. it has made business easier, faster and more accurate to conduct.

At PSG, we've have gone through great lengths and expense to build a site with all the tools you need to get the answers and information you need to sell more and profit more. Here are some way's you can use the tools PSG has provided to improve the quality of our business partnership, and keep you from getting stuck looking for what is now at your finger tips.

First: Please bookmark the PSG website ( ). While there, please like us on Facebook and follow us on our other social media sites.

Remember it's 2016 - the technology is here, you just have to use it. As I always say, "work smart not hard!" We have all you need for any of our brands all in one place and designed with you in mind. Don't get caught in the past - it slows you down.

Home Page: Find out all you want about PSG and the brands we carry Check back often we are bringing new products and services on this year.

About PSG: The story of what we do and how we do it, Our mission statement, gives you a brief look into how we think and meet the founder, yea thats me the non conformist and independent thinker and doer if it isn't working for you it isn't working for us.

Our Brands: Visit each of the current brand pages to get all the info you need on each, with a drop down menu to tell you all the places we work and things we can do.

Consulting: Yes we have been and continue to do consulting for the manufacture bringing new product to market or into new channels or for the specialty retailer looking to gain an edge in their market or expanded, we see whats successful all around North American and can put a best plans and practices plan together for you.

PSG Insights: PSG's monthly Blog sharing info from us or sharing articles and industry info from other great sources. Be enlightened.

Contact: All the contact info to get in touch with PSG and there you will find the Dealer Sign In button (at the bottom). There you will find all the forms to request literature, service, get quote or claim a spiff. Use Password: easyas123

Don't forget to follow us on each of our social media sites !

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