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Truly Customizable, True Quality

Good design must reflect the practical and aesthetic, but above all, good design must primarily serve people.

Modern-Aire has been practicing good design for 3 generations. Not simply good design, but custom design so that you can offer our clients a top-quality range hood that suits the needs and the style of their home and your kitchen.

Modern-Aire's ability to craft our hoods to your customer's exact specifications is what makes them stand out above the competition. Their wide variety of product designs are all customizable to virtually any standard you need. If your client has their own design in mind, in most cases our talented artisans are able to beautifully turn their dream into reality.

In addition to their craftsmanship and beauty, Modern-Aire offers ventilation units to match any application. With in-line, external, and internal blowers ranging from 400cfm to 2400cfm Modern-Aire has the right amount of ventilation to accompany any hood choice. Noted for their reliability, performance, and low noise level, these units are anchored by a superior filtration system. Modern-Aire offers solid 304 stainless steel baffle filters without sharp edges to cut your fingers during removal and replacement of the filters. We are also the only U.S. manufacturer with its complete line of hoods UL approved for indoor or outdoor use.

To find out more about Modern-Aire range hoods and liners, contact The Product Solution Group at 1-888-522-9947 or email

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