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Professional Mesh Series Ventilation Liners

Modern-Aire's Professional Mesh Series Ventilation Liners and Professional Series Ventilation Liners are manufactured to ventilate today's residential ranges. All PML liners include your choice of motors ranging from 600cfm to 1200cfm internally. The PML liner can also be ordered with a top collar plate only to be used with an inline 1266cfm fan or an exterior 1400cfm roof or wall-mounted blower unit. Infinite speed control provides total control over your ventilation needs. Bright, beautiful halogen lighting for full cooktop illumination is standard on these PML liners. All lighting needs are controlled by a solid-state dimmer switch. You control the amount of lighting you need, from full bright to a safety light at night. Team the PML liner up with one of our high-performance power packages and you have the ultimate insert liner, guaranteed!

  • Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Encased Aluminum Filters

  • Infinite Speed Motor Control

  • Dimmer Controlled Halogen Lighting

  • Available in 6 Stock Sizes

  • (28 3/8", 34 3/8", 40 3/8", 46 3/8", 52 3/8", 58 3/8")

  • Can Be Custom Manufactured to Your Exact Requirement

To learn more about Modern-Aire Hoods and Liners, visit their page here.

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