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Phone:  1-(888)-522-9947
Fax:  1-(888)-522-9947 (press send)
3708 Eaglewood St.
Valrico, FL 33596

Fontana Forni has been the pioneer of the metal outdoor pizza oven for nearly 40 years. Every Fontana Forni outdoor pizza oven is designed and constructed in Italy using the finest materials. The Italians are renowned for their love of food and their craftsmanship. Building upon the rich tradition of Italian cooking innovation, the master craftsman at Fontana Forni have designed a variety of portable pizza ovens for the outdoor cooking enthusiast that have all the benefits of a traditional built-in outdoor ceramic oven at a fraction of that cost.

About The Products

Fontana Forni uses all continuous solid-weld construction — never spot welding and screws like you’ll find in many other ovens, which will peel, split, or break under the pressures of these ovens’ high heat. That’s why, we are proud to say, many of the original Fontana wood-fired ovens are still in use today.

Fontana ovens use a traditional vault shape (vaulted from front-to-back, as well as from side-to-side), proprietary exhaust system, three- surface refraction and innovative “total-fire” structure to produce uniform heat distribution.

Fontana ovens are unique in their ability to achieve brick-oven temperatures in a short amount of time. Our single-chambered ovens heat up in as little as 30 minutes (45 minutes for our dual-chambered ovens), compared to the two-to- three-hour heat-up time required for traditional brick ovens.

Fontana Forni Products Specifications

Link opens on the Fontana Website

The Product Solution Group is proud to offer Fontana Forni products and service to the entire  South East (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee). Contact us to become a dealer or to locate an existing dealer today.

For more information on Fontana, visit their website here.